Author: Rachel Burns

A Quilt for My Baby

After my baby Margaret was born and after I finished her dad’s quilt, I wanted to make a little quilt for her. She has a quilt, of course, the coolest baby quilt you’ve ever seen, which is hanging on my wall so that it can be admired without risk of contamination by baby fluids. This […]

Let’s Go Pens

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hockey playoffs, that is. Staying up too late watching the teams on the west coast, watching highlights at breakfast with the kids in the morning, debating whether taking a four month old baby to a Penguins playoff game is a good idea (it’s not!)… it’s springtime in […]

Quilts of Christmas Present (or how I managed to reach my quilt goal for 2021)

We finally got some snow! Good news for the local ski resorts and even better news for those who love to photograph quilts in the snow. This Christmas tree quilt is actually one of the first quilts that I started working on this year, and it was the last one that I finished, on December […]


A few posts ago, I showed a sneak peek of the quilt top for what I thought would be quilt number 8. Then I decided to abandon that springtime quilt for an autumnal quilt for my bed, which is king size. The giant Christmas throw I have on there now covers the bed sufficiently, but […]