A Quilt for My Baby

After my baby Margaret was born and after I finished her dad’s quilt, I wanted to make a little quilt for her. She has a quilt, of course, the coolest baby quilt you’ve ever seen, which is hanging on my wall so that it can be admired without risk of contamination by baby fluids. This reminds me: Amanda, we should enter that into a quilt show. It’s so good, it may be QuiltCon material. Definitely 3 Rivers show material!!

A year before my baby’s birthday, I saw this very cute jungle fabric collection on Etsy shops, and I bought a bunch of it with no idea what I would use if for. It was early 2021, I went on a crazy fabric buying binge. I was unhinged! An unhinged binge!

(Note: more than 8 months have passed since I started this blog post, and my baby is now 1 year old. So I don’t remember too much about the quilt making process, or really anything, let’s be honest).

I must have thought, “wow, so glad 2021 me went nuts and bought all of this fabric. I’ll use it for my baby quilt.” I decided to make a bunch of economy blocks to highlight the great prints. I am a big fan of sloths, so I fussy cut a bunch of these so they’d look just right.

Sloth fabric!

This was a pretty good pattern for a sleep deprived new mom. I think it came together easily but like I said, it’s a bit foggy.

Not sure what I was trying to capture with this photo

I also used a few squares from a charm pack that Amanda gave to my other daughter but I stole. That blue tie dye looking one above came from Amanda. I’ve really gotten some mileage out of those, I think they are all in quilts now! Thank you, Amanda!

Posing with the blocks, helping with the layout

It took me a while to figure out a layout where there weren’t too many same prints or colors side by side – one of the pitfalls of just making blocks without considering the layout ahead of time. But NO WAY was I going to rip seams for that.

I love these colors

I was really pleased with the quilting on this. Just straight lines, but I think the pattern looks good.

Trim trim trim

I think I used a silk/tencel/cotton blend for the batting. Honestly I can’t tell the difference between this and regular cotton batting. Maybe I’m just too tired? It does have a nice drape I suppose.

maybe someday I will learn to embroider neat letters
All done
Makes a nice bed when folded up
Outdoor shot of the scrappy back
She seems to like it.
My bunny

I guess one advantage to waiting so long to post about this baby quilt is that I have lots of pics of my baby with the quilt.

Ready to help with the next quilt

It was a lot easier to quilt before she figured out how to move around the house! But she’s worth it. 🙂