This is now a fashion blog

I like our new cover photo! Thank you webmaster Brad for adding it. And thank you neighbors for coming out during the Steelers vs. Bills halftime to hold quilts for us!

I tried to accomplish my goal of both quilting and supervising my child simultaneously this weekend. If my child could be contained in a room this wouldn’t be that hard. But, as Rachel knows, that is not possible. At 8:00 a.m. on Sunday Louie was on Rachel’s porch wearing my exercise resistance bands as a “jet pack” in a Spider-Man outfit. So, I resorted to outdoor quilting while the children of the neighborhood did all of the things they do for 10 straight hours.

Luckily, no one grabbed the hot iron or rotary cutter.

What I actually came here to say though is we might be cutting edge fashion designers. A famous and cool person who my husband knows but I do not wore this to the Met Gala:

That is a literal quilt.

I googled the designer and here is this “look” from his “look book.”

I do like the idea of one day making a puffy quilt. And, Rachel, when you see me on my porch wrapped in it you will know that I am not a disheveled mess, but rather, a very stylish and cool person who definitely has it all together.

3 thoughts on “This is now a fashion blog

  1. Rachel

    I too would love a puffy quilt to wear around the neighborhood. “This is high fashion!!” we can scream at people who give us weird looks. I want to make small puffy quilts for all the kids in our carpool so they too can be warm AND on trend.

  2. Stephanie Burns

    I’m so glad you’re going with this. I saw that photo and thought “wearing blankets is now… fashionable? … I can get behind this trend!” I hope next time I visit all the children and neighbors are wrapped in their quilts.

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