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I have been quilting up a storm this week on a secret project. (It’s a secret from Rachel…shhh!) I have not enjoyed not being able to discuss this quilt with Rachel. Nick and my mom have been helpful, but they give conflicting guidance and Nick yells things like “But what about the pickle dicks?!” (The block was actually a “pickle dish.”)

Anyways, in my post about Louie’s superhero quilt I think I mentioned the two other superhero quilts I made him. Both of those were just lap-sized, whole cloth quilts.

The tutorial for those lap quilts is from the blog PurlSoho (which is a fabric store in NYC and I wish I could go to there right now.)


(I also wish I knew how to make a nice neat link with the link inside of the word, but alas my brain is too tired from marathon quilting to figure that out).

The first one was made from this yard of fabric with a purple minky backing. Louie loves minky. At bedtime he thrashes around in his bed yelling “Where are my minkies?!” I don’t remember why I bought this purple minky in the first place, but I mistakenly bought a ton of it and it has backed many quilts.

The second one I made in some kind of quilting state of insanity one night when Louie refused to go to sleep. He was crying about not having a pillow to use at nap time or something ridiculous. I told him I would go make him a pillow if he finally went to sleep. That worked. So I made the pillow.

I still had so much of this fabric left I decided I might as well make a quilt! So I did and I was very tired the next day. And Louie refused to take his new pillow or new quilt to school for nap time.

The moral of this story is, the PurlSoho lap duvet tutorial is a great project if you need something quickly, like if you are trying to bribe your child. I’ve also used the same tutorial for a more muted, non-superhero version in cozy flannel.

Lastly, as I was searching for the pictures of these quilts in my photo library I found this photo, which I am just going to leave here.

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  1. Rachel Burns

    My favorite Bernie meme!! I remember the day after you made the pillow and lap quilt for Louie in order to bribe him to go to sleep. Most people don’t understand this level of insanity, but I do. The middle of the night is for quilting, and that lap quilt looks so nice. I want to make one.

    I’m excited to see this secret project! I did not google “pickle dick quilt” (for obvious reasons) nor did I google “pickle dish quilt” (to keep the surprise a surprise! I love surprises!).

    “Where are my minkies?” Hahaha. I hope he never stops asking for his minkies. So cute.

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