A true quilting legend lives across the street…

and her name is Rachel! I asked her last night to help me understand how to write on our blog, and then I came here for a leisurely stroll this morning, and I see she has been quilting and blogging about quilting like a literal quilting machine!

My mind is blown by the “H” quilt. I love it and the colors and how did you even do the math to figure out that pattern…and the back! It’s really amazing and I’m glad Wallace was respectful of the process. Also the quilt top you are working on is so beautiful—I need that pattern!

I think I said my quilting goal this year was six quilts? I am probably not even going to accomplish that underwhelming goal. I am not worthy of living in the shadow of Rachel.

Earlier in the year I made three quilts for Louie’s new superhero bedroom, which is probably excessive. (Two are just whole cloth lap quilts, so I don’t know if they count.)

For his bed, I used the “Wish” pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.


I actually emailed Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew last night to show her pictures of this quilt and she emailed me back this morning and I felt a bit starstruck.

For some reason when I painted Louie’s room I included a rainbow stripe border. I made the star tails in this pattern to match that border. Then in the stars I appliquéd various superhero characters.

When I posted this photo I had a flashback to how overwhelmed I was about quilting this thing! I can’t believe I actually finished it. I free-motion quilted it with an “echo” around the appliqué and then straight lines down the tails. I’ve never straight line quilted using the free-motion foot before, but this quilt was too large to keep turning. It turned out better than I expected! Then I just did random zigzag lines in the zigzagging background areas.

I also am now recalling how hard it was to come up with the backing! I am not a math genius like Rachel so without a pattern I struggle. Oh and also the day I basted this monster I had some weird fold in the backing and I had to take out 3/4 of the pins and do it all again! Thank you Rachel for being the only person to understand the tragedy of that situation.

I added this block as a funny joke for Louie because he always asks who my favorite superhero is and I say “Wonder Woman” and then I ask him and he says “all the boys.” Which, of course. Nick thinks this block is weird, but Louie liked it!

I am currently laying in Louie’s bed under this quilt and I am going to go back to sleep now because he woke up at 4 a.m. and then 6 a.m. to build LEGO. I guess I stay awake until 2 a.m. to quilt sometimes so I can’t fault his LEGO excitement!

2 thoughts on “A true quilting legend lives across the street…

  1. Rachel Burns

    I love how you transformed this pattern that Allison (we can be on a first name basis with fellow quilt bloggers, right?) styled in a kind of feminine, whimsical, fairy tale-ish way with her fabric choices into a very classic superhero WHAM! comics style. What vision! And the quilting on this turned out so beautifully. I think I had blocked out the re-basting incident… devastating! I probably would have quilted a big fold into the back and regretted it forever. You did the right thing! And I love the Wonder Woman block with “all of the boys” for the inscription. All three of you can smile when you look at it. You ARE Wonder Woman of Quilts!

    The superhero quilt, which probably counts as 4 quilts, plus the two lap quilts means that you are also halfway to your goal! You can do it! Just ignore all of your responsibilities and let your house turn into a giant junk drawer and you too can spend all day making quilts and blogging quilts.

  2. Nancy Burns

    Your signature block is really clever! Love this quilt Amanda! I understand the feeling of disaster when sewing needs to be undone and reworked to “fix” something that has gone awry. Some people would just abandon it rather than go through the agony of redoing it. Kudos to you for persevering and making it right. It turned out so good!

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