A Conversation About Quilt Design

Amanda: Hi!

Louie: Hi!

A: What is your name?

L: Louie.

A: How old are you?

L: Five.

A: How long have you been designing quilts?

L: For four years.

A: ??? . . . What were you thinking when you designed this quilt?

L: I was thinking Fall colors. And there is a maze. See those blue line thingies? And there are buffalos. There are fall leaf colors and leaf kites.

A: Why are there buffalos?

L: I just love buffalos.

A: Like the animal?

L: Yes. And the football team the Buffalo Bills.

A: And what did you write on the quilt?

L: I love you.

A: Why did you write that?

L: It’s for my mom.

A: ???

We have entered Louie’s second season of “drawing contest.” One night this week I was the judge and I couldn’t think of a challenge (we have already done haunted houses, ghosts, spiders, space ships, several different construction vehicles…). Since I always have quilts on the brain I threw down the quilt design challenge! As the contestants were drawing I announced that the winner of this challenge would have their design made into an actual quilt by me! (I have been watching a lot of “Making the Cut” lately). Louie won, of course.

I’m sure I could have not made the quilt and he would not have mentioned it again. But, I felt like because I said I would do it I should do it. And, I always try to find ways to inspire his creativity. So, I pushed aside the two quilts waiting to be pieced on my sewing table and busted out Louie’s mini quilt.

Top, design. Bottom, quilt.

When I was thinking about how to make the “maze,” or the blue line on the quilt, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try to use a thicker quilting thread. I have two projects in the line up that I want to quilt with 12 wt. thread. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to wait for an online order and Jo-Ann’s did not have anything thicker than 30 wt. Still, I could see the difference between 50 wt. and 30 wt. and I do think it was more visible in the quilting.

Which thread is the thicker thread?!

Even though this was a silly project, it was helpful to think about thread choice a little more and how using a different weight can change the look of the quilting. Now I am excited to order that 12 wt.!

In the meantime, Louie’s fall quilt is clearly the future of modern quilt design.

5 thoughts on “A Conversation About Quilt Design

    1. Amanda Fisher Post author

      Nick’s design was very good, but he didn’t win for two reasons. 1. Louie always wins and 2. Nick drew a picture of me wearing a jumpsuit holding a quilt and people skiing and the Bills logo and Louie wearing a Bills logo…none of that was actually quiltable!

  1. Rachel Burns

    Incredible design and incredible execution. This is the future of modern quilting, I’m convinced. I can’t wait to see more of Louie’s designs.

  2. Nancy Burns

    The designer of this quilt was so intentional about putting his perception of the fall season into his art piece, and the quilter’s execution of fashioning his design into an actual quilt was flawless! Hope to see many more collaborations from this design/quilt partnership in the future! ?

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